Sandy-Valley Firespark-ET EX-90

FIRESPARK is a deep bodied, wide chested, hard topped, angular cow with Excellent feet and legs.
Like the family behind her, she has an udder that is flawless, shapely, ideal texture, perfect teat size, shape & placement.
This balanced EX-90 is a high productive cow that competes in a free stall environment.

Her son Charity AltaGratis is the #1 Shottle son in Canada as #9 in the December proof run.


FIRESPARK is FIREBALL's highest scored daughter!!!

FIRESPARK'S GOLDWYN Sister sold at 110,000$ in the Top 10 Sale

Mac and Sanchez transfers due Sep 2010 in Denmark

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Dam : Ralma Durham Fireball EX-92 GMD DOM

 2-05 365d 33,800 4.0 1364 3.2 1075

2ndS  : Regancrest Elton Durham

2nd   : Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM

life   60565kg 4.5% 2715 3.3% 1976

3rdS   : Ked Juror

3rd    : Ralma Leadman Fashion VG-89


life   53393kg 3.6% 1948 3.2% 1699

Sandy-Valley Firespark is owned with and housed at Nor-Bert Farms



Firesparks dam :

Ralma Durham Fireball-ET (EX-92 EX-MS GMD DOM)



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