100% Blood Sister to Tastum Kite Caramac Copy-Red

Yursden Kite Caramac-Red EX-92 (World Champion Red-Holstein 2007)

Yursden Kite Caramac-Red EX-92

World Champion Red-Holstein 2007
1st 4-yr-old and GRAND CHAMPION R&W World Dairy Expo 2006
All-American R&W 2004 & 2006
1st Jr. 2-yr-old and H.M. Champion World Daity Expo 2004


Sire    : Markwell Kite

Dam   : YursdenTT Cami-Red-TW VG-86

2nd S : Hanover-Hill Triple Threat-RED

2nd D : Cooklee Factor 1552-Red GP-82


3rd S : Renown Factor

3rd D  : Cooklee Lester 1333-Red VG-86

  life. 61022  3.2  1951  3.1 1876 3827 kg

4th S : Shady-Lawn-U Lester

4th D  : Cooklee Willow 1159-Red VG-85




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